Longboard Dreams

Longboard Dreams

For those that know me, knew that my passion for longboarding was much more than just cruising and bombing hills around the small town of Carrollton GA. This dream would not have been possible if it was not for two friends of mine. Jason Ruiz and Marlon Perez, they introduced longboarding to me early on in my high school career. We would take advantage of every free moment to ride together for a few minutes to hours at a time, some occasions led to full days worth of riding non stop on the Green Belt pushing for the next big hill. As time went on we would continue these rides and start to film and vlog them as we went. I took it upon myself to create a YouTube to hold these memories we held together as brothers. Through this journey of high school we would then add a few members to the now called Boarder's Official crew. Jarvis Gilbert one of the later members helped to carry on the YouTube to keep what dream we had left alive. As we all became older we slowly drifted apart into our adult lives, occasionally riding together or catching a bite whenever time permitted us. Now I still think of those dreams we all had together and it drives me crazy that we did not continue our passion and bring it to its full potential. Which then brings us to present day, Boarder's Official is not forgotten. I created this online store in hopes to carry on the vision and dreams we had, in pursue and success of the brand name and for the dreams to live on.
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How cool is this. I hope this becomes BIG and I can say, I knew him when he was just a small squirt. Congratulations!!

Jeff Gledhill

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